I'm lifenautjoe!

In case you couldn’t tell, lifenautjoe is an internet alias! My real name is Joel Hernandez

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It was love at first sight when I started learning programming at the age of 8, but by the age of 11, when I launched my first online videogame server, engineering became my life long passion.

Some of my works in the field are smartwatch apps, web apps, mobile apps, smart toasters, not so smart robots, chat-bots, realtime multiplayer games and creating and contributing to open source libraries!

I currently work as a security software engineer for KPN , the largest telecommunications company in The Netherlands.

I have also recently been chosen as one of the 500 most inspiring under 25s across all fields of Dutch digital by The Next Web.


I love traveling, I travel often, therefore I am a traveler!


I love sharing my own travels, discoveries and thoughts, inspiring people to fight for their dreams, writing a story of the future, reflecting upon history and creating evocative philosophical discussions.

For this and more, I write.


Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom, sharing it is the first step to humanity

And public speaking is the closest, most personal way to share knowledge with an audience.

I have done public speaking in several subjects, including but not limited to software engineering, artificial intelligence, motivation and futurism.


Design shapes our reality, and I love creating positive, meaningful and inspiring realities.

I have founded both a clothing brand and a graphic design studio, survived dozens of user interface and user experience design projects and designed a successful political movement.


The future. The place where both our hopes and most dreadful fears live.

We live in critical times. Present issues such as climate change, mass automation, artificial intelligence, gene editing, cyber-warfare and mass migration will either collapse or reinvent our civilisation.

I talk about the unsolved challenges, ongoing developments and potential scenarios in an effort to encourage ordinary people to participate in the discussion and to inspire scientists, developers and engineers to work on the solutions.


From the beauty of a sundown in a Barcelona beach to the sadness of a stray dog roaming through one of the poorest communities in Mexico.

Be it an invitation to explore the beauties this world has to offer or a call to solidarity, I use photography to communicate what words can’t.


I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Part of my family comes from Oviedo, Spain.


Peace, respect for human life, democracy, human rights, individual freedom, tolerance, equality, solidarity and self-fulfilment.

That is Europe, that’s me.

World Citizen

I can be Mexican, Spanish and European, but above all, I am a citizen of the world.

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